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I hope everyone knows that this blog is meant to be tongue in cheek, other than the links provided.  Thus the name.  Poking the bear.  Poorly done.  I will do better.

And another reminder that the Scout thread won’t be updated anymore.  I’ll post the links here now.

B1G Statement on Expansion – 12/15/2009

Big Ten Statement on Expansion – 12/05/2010

Original thread Expansion threads, expansion threads, expansion threads…

Big Ten looking to add 12th team – Cory Giger, The Altoona Mirror

“There are no restrictions regarding expansion – potential additions are not required to be in the AAU, and they do not have to be in (or adjacent to) the eight Big Ten states,” league spokesman Scott Chipman wrote in an e-mail.

blogs that got me interested
B10 Expansion Warning System Reaches DEFCON 2 – Black Heart Gold Pants, SB-Nation

B10 Expansion: 11+1 Can’t Equal 12 – Bama Hawkeye, Rivalry, Esq.

B10 Expansion Index – FTT

B10 Expansion Index Follow-Up Post #1 – FTT

B10 Expansion Index Follow-Up Post #2 – FTT

B10 Expansion Index Follow-Up Post #3 – FTT

B10 Expansion: 242 Possibilities, One Real Chance (Hint: It’s Not ND)- b/r

Academic sources

College and University Rankings


AAU members


Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council

QS (Quacquarelli Symonds Limiteds) Top Universities

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2011-2012

USN/WR latest rankings

Carnegie Classifications


2009 figures:

2008 figures:

why PSU is not in the BE



PSU’s entry to B1G

Bryce Jordan gains PSU entry into the Big Ten

Out of their league? – Austin Murphy, SI

This link has the text of three articles from the CDT that have been archived and are now pay only.
CollegeSportsInfo.com – Big Dreams: PSU saw opportunity in joining the Big

some B1G specific info

Big Ten Ticket Revenue – Kristi Dosh, businessofcollegesports.com

various links

Student-athletes continue setting records in classroom with 82 percent overall graduation rate

NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings

The Bootleg’s 2011 grad rate analysis

 The Bootleg’s 2012 Graduation Rate Analysis

09-10 rev distribution – bcsfootball.org

10-11 rev distribution – bcsfootball.org

09-10 BCS TV ratings yearly – bcsfootball.org

10-11 BCS TV ratings – bcsfootball.org

Another Banner Year of TV Ratings & Attendance – NFF

BCS computers – links to all 6

NCAA football attendance


projected pop growth

US TV Households by Market

Top 100 TV Markets

Schools and media markets – wikipedia

2008 rev
2008 exp
Conference by the #s

online rev/exp db

CFB’s most valuable teams – Peter J. Schwartz, Forbes

College athletics finances db – USA Today

Equity in Athletics DA Tool – DOE

CFB Data Warehouse

College Gridirons – Pics, facts & figures on stadiums

MapGameDay.com – recruiting, game day, distance by school or conference


NationalChamps.net – info by school, year, champs, heismans

D1 football stats – ncaa.org

STASSEN.COM College Football Information

The Business of College Sports – founder Kristi Dosh, currently run  by Alicia Jessop


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