May 08, 2012 – 2

Big East officials allowed fear, not faith or foresight, to determine league’s fate – Mike DeCourcy, Sporting News

…What damaged the Big East was fear. It was a palpable fear with obvious origins. The shifting occurring in other leagues, principally the Big 12, created uncertainty about the long-term viability of the Big East. It was a fear that led members to forget their own decision just months earlier to decline an ESPN contract extension worth more than $1 billion — because they thought they could do better. That’s right.

…This is an area in which the Big East always has struggled. In the past, it was a tough sell because the money really was different, but the ESPN offer showed that Big East football no longer was to be undervalued. At least in terms of TV dollars.

…When the 2011 Big East football race came down to the final day, with five of the league’s eight members finishing tied for first or a game out, how much celebration of the league’s furious competition was there? How much was the Big East doing to sell its uncommonly balanced competition?

There were 28 Big East football games last fall; 43 percent were decided by a seven points or less, 32 percent by three points or less. There was genuine drama in the games.

In the SEC, only 27 percent of games were as close as a touchdown, and only 12 percent as close as a field goal. Essentially, the SEC was a series of lovely tailgate parties interrupted by blowout games.

It’s no surprise the Big East administration couldn’t sell this to the public, though. It couldn’t even reinforce this message to its members.




Big East split could be happening sooner rather than later – Mark Blaudschun, The Boston Globe

The announcement Monday morning that Big East commissioner John Marinatto resigned did not send shockwaves through the college athletic community. His departure, however, could signal more big changes in college sports with the possibility the Big East basketball schools could break away from the football schools to form their own league.

…The Big East retained the Boston Consulting Group to review its organizational design and structure.

Former Miami Dolphins CEO Joseph A. Bailey III has been appointed interim commissioner.

Bailey was also COO of the World League/NFL, and Vice President of Administration of the Dallas Cowboys.

If there is a common thread, it is that football once again is at the top of the agenda, which makes the core group of basketball-playing Catholic schools nervous; a split within the conference appears to be more of a possibility than ever before.


Pretty good read of what happened with the BE.

John Marinatto’s tenure as Big East commissioner was doomed from the start – Dana O’Neil, ESPN

…The Big East sans West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Syracuse certainly isn’t true to Gavitt’s vision, and only someone with disturbed visions could conjure up the future behemoth that will partner SMU, Houston, Memphis and Central Florida on the basketball court alongside traditional powers such as Georgetown, Villanova, Seton Hall and St. John’s.

…The interests between the football and non-football schools in the Big East always have been difficult to manage (the in-house squabbles reportedly hit the biggest of snafus last year when Georgetown led a charge to vote down a TV deal that Marinatto had in front of him, a decision that now can be defined as the beginning of his end). Everyone knows and even admits that football drives the bus, but it’s asking an awful lot for someone like Jim Calhoun to ride along as a powerless passenger.

To manage the two, it takes diplomacy and delicacy. The Big East went for desperation. Following the lead of Marinatto, a man who previously was in charge of the league’s administrative operations and never charged with formulating a vision, the conference went 11th-hour prom-date hunting, taking whoever would say yes instead of who might make the league attractive.

Consequently, the Big East is left with this mishmashed mess, an Ellis Island of football expats, their basketball carry-ons and signs it could get worse before it gets better. There are rumors that San Diego State and Boise State want to make like Texas State and UT-San Antonio and bag their new league before even playing a game in it; and that Connecticut still has eyes for the ACC and Louisville for the Big 12.


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McMurphy on Louisville Radio this morn’n…podcast linked

McMurphy on Louisville radio this morning, very interesting interview on this:1. The league Presidents went to Marinatto about his job status months ago…this isn’t recent.
2. USF President blocked UCF entry around the same time they added TCU. The other league members went along.
3. League turned down more money that the ACC schools receive per school last year.
4. Marinatto being commissioner or not has no bearing on Boise State or SDSU…the people he talks to with those schools are 100% in. Boise State having some issues with Olympic Sports but they want in and AQ status or not it about the TV Money with them leaving and they knew this was a high possibility that AQ was gone.
5. Still not settled is BCS Revenue Formula, AQ, staggered or what…still up for negotiations. Only thing for certain is that the SEC & B1G gonna get a huge piece of the pie.…d=22069136


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