June 3, 2012

June 9, 2012

Barron: No steps taken towards conference alignment – D.C. Reeves, Warchant.com

Florida State Big 12 rumors doused: Florida State Big 12 rumors doused – Coley Harvey, Orlando Sentinel

…”We’re not seeking anything. We’re not expecting anything. There are no conversations going on (with the Big 12),” Barron said, reiterating comments he has made at other points during a conference realignment drama that has taken on several twists and turns that he argues have been out of his control.

“There are a lot of reasons why conference issues are in the news,” Barron added. “More money is one of them. Another one, quite frankly, is sort of a feeding frenzy over this particular topic. It gets a lot of people’s attention, and they have a lot of opinions.”


ACC revenue increases nearly 25 percent, puts FSU in black, should quiet Big 12 talk – David Teel, dailypress.com


June 7, 2012

N.C. State’s Woodson eager for a college football playoff – J.P. Giglio, NewsObserver.com

…The conference commissioners agreed in April to discuss a four-team format, and table an eight or 16-team format, but Woodson said he would be open to discussions about an eight-team field.

“A four-team model is probably where people are converging but there are questions about whether that is accessible across the country to enough talented teams,” Woodson said.


SEC Commissioner Mike Slive Talks Realignment, Playoffs and National Titles – AthlonSports.com

You’re welcoming Texas A&M and Missouri into the SEC this season. There is a lot of shifting lately in conference alignments. Do you think this is good for college sports?

Slive: Whether it’s good or not good I think will be something we’ll be able to judge in the future. Is it good for the SEC? I think it will be very good for the SEC. Is it good for college sports? I think it might. The question of rivalries is always underlying these questions. We would love Kansas to play Missouri and Missouri would like to play Kansas. It’s not the SEC or Missouri that’s not making that happen. We would like A&M to play Texas. It’s not the SEC or A&M. It’s Texas that says they don’t want to play A&M.

Do you think expansion is done nationally, and is the SEC finished at 14 members?

Slive: I still view 14 as an extension of 12. Going beyond 14 is no longer an extension of 12. Maybe the Pac-12 and Big Ten scheduling alliance may be their way of answering that question. I can only speak for us. I think it’s going to take us some time to absorb these two institutions. At this point, I don’t see us adding more. We’ve never been trying to get 14 so I don’t see us necessarily trying to get to 16.


Mike Casazza is the WVU beat writer for the Charleston Daily Mail.

Mike Casazza ‏ @ mikecasazza

And here I thought we WVU people were rescued from expansion madness. I think there’s a Godfather III line about this. Not sure which.

 Mike Casazza ‏ @ mikecasazza

Seems trustees meet to discuss, among other things, conference affiliation matters. I’m assured “Nothing to see here” release comes Friday.

Mike Casazza ‏ @ mikecasazza

Something I said? Not sure why, but Florida State folks are emailing me and insist this is a big weekend for future of athletics there.


June 6, 2012

Dave Brandon anticipates gradual increases in U-M football ticket prices – Angelique S. Chengelis, detroitnews.com

…Brandon expects more conference expansion to take place this summer.

“Conference expanding and realignment — there’s more to come,” Brandon said. “I actually believe this summer you’re going to see some activity.

The Big Ten, now at 12 teams, has the luxury of sitting back and watching.

“We’re in the enviable position of not having to do anything,” he said. “We’re stable.”


Big East must begin to sell itself – Andrea Adelson, ESPN

…One more: Since 2005, the Big East has had three teams finish the season with just one loss. Two of them — Cincinnati and Louisville — are remaining members. Let’s add in future members, just for fun. That would give the Big East six more (Boise State 5, Houston 1). By comparison, the ACC has had zero teams finish with just one loss in the same time frame.

So why is it nobody is even talking about the ACC being left out from its seat at the table?

Oh, because the Big East is losing a bunch of teams and adding a hodgepodge? Boise State had two BCS appearances in the past six seasons. That equals the total number of BCS appearances from departing schools West Virginia, Pitt and Syracuse during the same time period.


June 5, 2012


angelique ‏@chengelis

Brandon expects more conference realignment and expansion “I sense another round”

angelique ‏@chengelis

Brandon says re: expansion that large conferences w big tv deals will get bigger. He sees moves to more 16-team conferences


Big East interested in Poinsettia Bowl – Brent Schrotenboer, UTSanDiego.com

…It lists the following bowl games as possibilities: the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, the Hawaii Bowl, Las Vegas Bowl, the Armed Forces Bowl in Texas and the Liberty Bowl in Memphis.

…This year, the Big East has agreements with the Bowl Championship Series, the Champs Sports Bowl, the Belk Bowl, Pinstripe Bowl, BBVA Compass Bowl and the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl. None are west of Alabama.


Study says switching conferences leads to academic gains – Bryan Fischer, CBSSports.com

…The Chronicle of Higher Education obtained the paper and summarized the results:

On average, colleges that moved to a new league saw about a 3-percent decrease in their admit rate (meaning they became more selective) and a 5-percent increase in their admission yield rate (more admitted students enrolled) three years after joining the new conference. The ACT scores of incoming students increased by more than .29 points. And the colleges saw a net gain of about 130 applications per year three years after their moves.

The biggest winners of realignment from 2004-2011? It appears the schools that jumped from the Big East to the ACC such as Boston College and Virginia Tech. TCU, the study noted, also saw gains after leaving Conference USA for the Mountain West after seeing applications jump 50 percent.


Mountain West upbeat about conference’s future – Bryan Fischer, CBSSports.com

…”I think the room is excited and energetic,” commissioner Craig Thompson said Monday at the conference’s spring meetings. “There’s a sense of momentum. These people, meaning some of the new members coming in like the Fresno States and Nevadas or Hawaii in football, those guys have played each other for decades. It’s not as though, ‘Oh wait, here’s somebody new.’ They’re more like a cousin or in-law. We’ve known them and have been going to the same Thanksgiving dinner for years. It’s not as though we have a whole new mind-set.”

…”San Jose State and Utah State are participating in these meetings in anticipation of next July when they’re members,” said Thompson. “I think the tendency is that we’ve gotten to a point where we’ve gotten to 10 football-playing members so let’s maybe take a pause, collect our breath a little bit and see where any future changes may lead people.

“There’s still great interest in the Conference USA perspective of we have some similarities and we’re going to play them in two of our five bowls and scheduling purposes. But that would probably be the extent at this point.


Big Ten prefers status quo to playoff, but selection committee key – Stewart Mandel, SI.com


June 4, 2012

Mountain West still debating BCS future – Bryan Fischer, CBSSports.com

…”I think that generally, (the presidents) would favor a four-team playoff,” commissioner Craig Thompson said. “They would prefer an eight-team playoff, like we proposed three years ago, and a 16-team playoff like we proposed. We’d like it to be more than four but four is a step in the right direction.”

The BCS released a statement in late April saying that eight- and 16-team playoff options were firmly off the table once the BCS contract runs out after the 2013-14 season. Thompson sees the next contract lasting six to eight years, so he doubts any expansion of a four-team playoff would occur in the next decade, but he still maintains that it would be best for the Mountain West and college football to head in that direction.

…”We’ve been talking about it for a good month,” he said. “There will be various components that every FBS school gets a percentage, certainly if you’re one of the four teams you’ll get a (bigger) percentage. There’s been a tendency toward recognizing past performance of particular teams. We’re supposed to meet again next week.

“I would prefer you get recognized for when you play in those games. It seems to be tracking, like basketball, that the money will carry forward with the conference you are in at the time. Meaning if TCU is no longer in our conference it would go to the Big 12, Utah to the Pac-12, etc. I like the basketball model where if you earned it, it stays in that league, but I’m in the minority there.”


Big Ten prefers plus-1 to 4-team playoff – Andrew Seligman, AP via Houston Chronicle

…”The key issues are honoring champions, honoring strength of schedule, honoring teams and coaches that try to play good schedules and recognizing a team that plays an additional championship game versus one that doesn’t has an additional obstacle of challenge,” Delany said.

He has floated the idea in the past that top three conference champions and an at-large team make up the playoff field “as a way to think about who’s in the event” but isn’t married to that concept.

“We do feel strongly that champions ought to be honored,” Perlman said. “There was little disagreement that the polls and certainly the computer polls are not sufficiently transparent. People don’t respect them as much as they could. They can’t take into account a variety of circumstances. I think we would feel comfortable with a selection committee, but even if you move to a selection committee, I think there are issues about what instructions they’re under with regard to how they determine who the best four teams are. We didn’t resolve that at this point.”

…Delany said he’s no fan of mega conferences. Asked if he envisions a day where teams from four super conferences compete for a shot at the national championship, Delany he said, “I don’t see that.” He added: “I think what you’ll see is some conferences grow. Some stay where they are. … We had one 16-team conference — it was the WAC. It didn’t stand very long. We had another conference that went to 12 members and then had to add two to get back to 10. We’ve seen the Big East morph in a variety of ways. I think one of the most underrated qualities about any conference is its stability and the glue that holds it together.” He said conferences that expand too much run into “possible dilution issues.” … Delany said it’s not clear how much extra money would be generated by a playoff and probably won’t be until after system is hashed out. “We have TV consultants, but they really cannot test the marketplace until they know what they’re selling,” he said. “And they won’t know what they’re selling until we reach closure on the model — the who and the how. … I think there’s a general consensus in the industry that it’s a good marketplace for college football.”


Jim Delany no fan of super conferences – Brian Bennett, ESPN

…”One of the most underrated qualities about any conference is its stability and the glue that holds it together,” he said on Monday’s league conference call. “And I think whenever you go beyond a certain level, you’re running into possible dilution issues. … The larger you are, the less you play each other. The less you play each other, the less tradition you have and the less those games tend to mean, if they can’t be repeated over and over.”
…I’m not a consolidationist,” he said, before adding, “not a pure consolidationist.”

Delany called the 16-team superconference possibility “not that likely. But who knows? My crystal ball is not that clear.”


New Hawaii chancellor gushes about his adoration of the Pac-12 – Graham Watson|Dr. Saturday – Yahoo! Sports

…While the Great West is a nice conference, we’re pretty sure he was talking about the Pac-12 and we’re also pretty sure every Pac-12 member just rolled their eyes. Hawaii tried this before. When expansion first started and the Pac-12 was looking at Colorado, Utah, BYU and a few other schools (namely those in the former Big 12 South), teams such as Hawaii and Boise State threw their hat in the ring to be considered by commissioner Larry Scott. Many schools were shot down because of their lack of quality academics, proximity or just because the Pac-12 didn’t like them.

…”And, there are schools that I’d certainly like to be mentioned with in the same breath,” he said. “So, I think the idea that we try to aspire to be a great university that is thought of in the company of the other great universities is something that we should think about for athletics.”

More than just being around “great” universities, Apple has to be thinking about longterm preservation of the university’s football program as the college football landscape begin to heavily favor conferences such as the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12 and slowly push out everyone else.


I didn’t know that the ACC could re-open the contract in five years.  Is this what Slive called a look in in the past?

Money matters could drive Florida State from ACC to Big 12 – Jim Lamar, Tallahassee Democrat via USATODAY.com

…Though there are details yet to be worked out syncing the two contracts together, the payouts next year are expected to be $20 million for Big 12 schools. (TCU and West Virginia will only be given a 50-percent share and will not receive full shares until 2016.)

Meanwhile, Florida State won’t reach the $20-million mark until the back half of the ACC’s deal with ESPN.

Yes, the ACC has a chance to re-open its television contract in five years. By then, it’s entirely possible Florida State will have rejoined the nation’s elite and become a championship contender yet again.


ESPN_BigTen 11:29am via TweetDeck

Delany says he’s not a “consolidationist” regarding expansion. Repeats that bigger leagues mean playing each other less, losing traditions.


BTNElizabeth 11:13am via Twitter for iPhone

Mark Silverman: #BTN in 51 mil homes, 30 mil have BTN2Go, now in 20 countries internatiomally


ESPN_BigTen 11:10am via TweetDeck

BTN president Mark Silverman says network has more than 50 million subscribers. Has more subscribers outside nine Big Ten states than within


ESPN_BigTen 11:04am via TweetDeck

Delany says Big Ten will distribute a record $284 million to members this year. Nebraska won’t receive full share for a few more years.


It’s time for Pitt to chill out – Ron Cook, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Are ‘Mid-Majors’ in trouble? – Warren McCarty, National Football Post via Yahoo! Sports

Former C-USA teams may regret jumping ship – John Klein, Tulsa World


June 3, 2012

Which potential ‘No. 11’ could get Big 12 officials serious about expansion? – AP via SportsDayDFW

Big East TV contract: Experts split on how lucrative Big East TV deal could be – Iliana Limón Romero, Orlando Sentinel

…Two independent analysts told the Orlando Sentinel they think the Big East should be able to exceed the nine-year, $1.4 billion television- and multimedia-rights offer it turned down from ESPN last year. Navigate Research, a Chicago-based company that specializes in sports-market research, projects the Big East will earn a contract worth about $167 million per year, which would provide about $11 million for all sports members, $7.8 million for football-only members and $3.2 million for nonfootball members.

…•The league’s vast geographic footprint.Jeff Nelson, analytics manager for Navigate Research, said the Big East doesn’t have a blockbuster lineup of teams such as the SEC and other BCS conferences can offer, but it still represents teams throughout the country that people will watch on television.

Once new members join the Big East in July 2013, it will have teams in the 13 of the top 50 media markets spanning four time zones. The conference will represent nearly 32 million television households, which is twice as many as any other conference in the country.

…•Brand name. One more thing the Big East has over the proposed C-USA-Mountain West alliance is brand name. Simply because it has been a BCS conference in recent years, the league holds more perceived value, even if the teams are different.

…•Competition among networks: Steve Herz, a sports-marketing specialist and president of New York-based IF Management, said competition among the television networks and holes in the programming schedules will help the league earn the money it needs.

“ESPN and Fox do not want to see NBC get a major chunk of college-football and college-basketball games,” Herz said. “They’re going to pay to protect their hold on the market. Under any other market conditions, the Big East would probably be in trouble. But right now, they’re in a great position to exceed ESPN’s original offer.”


Bowlsby: Strength of schedule will be part of the playoff – Bryan Fischer, CBSSports.com


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